what is a

sea cucumber?



Closely related to the starfish and sea urchin, sea cucumbers spend most of their time on the ocean floor and are an essential part of maintaining the natural ecosystem. 

 It's health benefits have been renowned in Asia for centuries. It is considered a delicacy in places like China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

What are
the Health Benefits of Sea Cucumbers?

Sea cucumbers are high in lean protein, collagen,  chondroitin, glucosamine, and amino acids.  Sea cucumbers are known to have anti-viral benefits, joint pain alleviation, kidney support, and provide stimulation and vigor

Who Eats Sea Cucumbers?

Sea cucumbers have been prized in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries around the globe due to their remarkable composition of nutrients and vitamins. Chinese medicine practices. 

Can You
Eat Sea Cucumbers?

There are over 1000 different species of sea cucumbers all over the world. Dozens of those species are safe to eat. Some need to be processed properly before consumption, otherwise, it may be harmful

How Do You Cook a Sea Cucumber?

 The vast majority of sea cucumbers are purchased in a dried state, requiring a rehydration process prior to cooking. The most common ways to prepare sea cucumbers are in soups,  congee, or braised. 

Why is Farming Sea Cucumbers So Important?

In the past decade, 24 countries have closed their sea cucumber fisheries due to over-fishing. Without sea cucumbers, the ocean would have no way to be filtered and stay clean naturally.

How Can You Determine  Quality in a Sea Cucumber?

By following the 8S's of a perfect sea cucumber, anyone can know what is a good quality sea cucumber. See below.


How to Properly Identify  a High-Quality Sea Cucumber


Find a sea cucumber from an unpolluted ocean with clean waters. The Maldives is as pure as pure can be. Naturally harvested from our Maldivian lagoons.






All species of sea cucumbers have different value based on their body wall thickness, nutrients, and origin. Holothuria scabra, also commonly known as Sandfish, is the world's highest-valued tropical sea cucumber.






With fisheries rapidly closing to replenish over-fished sea cucumber populations, BluBridge's approach to sustainable mariculture ensures consistent and reliable growth for generations to come.






Highest quality processed sea cucumbers should have a fresh and light sea scent. This means it has been properly cleaned and gutted to remove strong odor, but still maintains that hint of sea smell.





Processing sea cucumbers is a delicate job. When rushed through, sea cucumbers get bent and curved. When handled with care one-by-one, high-quality sea cucumbers dry straight as a line. An exquisite centerpiece on your plate.





Quality over quantity. Rushing through processing makes sea cucumbers look bad.  

Careful processing utilizes a precise incision, allowing the cooked sea cucumber to maintain it's form.




There are a variety of ways to process sea cucumbers. When dehydrated with salt,  salt weight is added to the sea cucumber. For 100% sea cucumbers with the original taste and texture, look for saltless sea cucumbers. 



Customer service comes first. Providing what is promised with consistency. 

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